Allenamento Total Body Senza Salti Per Tonificare + Esercizi Glutei e Addominali



Allenamento completo per tonificare tutto il corpo a casa.

In questo workout ci concentriamo sulla tonificazione total body con focus glutei e addominali.
Tutti gli esercizi sono senza salti e di media difficoltà.

Il workout è a difficoltà crescente, iniziamo due giri di circuito poi passiamo a due blocchi più impegnativi con esercizi senza salti in piedi.
Terminato il blocco di tonificazione total body, scendiamo a terra per il lavoro mirato su glutei e addominali.

Di questo workout total body abbiamo creato 3 versioni, questa è la versione più impegnativa.

Questo workout è completo di riscaldamento e stretching finale.

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Which Should Be Done First – Cardio or Weights?

The answer to this age old question is going to depend on a number of factors. Always remember that what works for some may not work for others. So just because your friend lost 30 lbs running on a treadmill doesn’t mean you are going to get the same results. The important thing to keep in mind is your fitness goals are and how you intend on using each type of exercise in relation to your goals. Other factors include current level and experience level of each type of exercise. Some are going to get the most benefit from doing their cardio before weight training, but most will get the most benefit by doing it after. So which is best for you?

Isometric Exercises for Mind-Muscle Connection

When you lift weights, what is your focus? Most often, the answer is to lift the weight. With isometric exercises, moving the weight is not a factor because the angle of the exercise does not change, regardless of the intensity. What then, is the focus? The focus is on the muscles you use to perform the exercise, in order to further develop the mind-muscle connection.

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Abdominal exercises are becoming really popular these days among men and women alike. Getting strong abs and being fit and well-toned appeals to everyone and people also realize the value that fitness plays in their longevity.

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When you hear the words “exercises to lose weight,” do you want to stick your head in the ground or put your fingers in your ears? But regular exercise not only helps you lose weight, it can make you feel better, give you more energy and perhaps even help you live longer. So what can you do?

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