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Buona domenica ragazzi!!

Ci stiamo impegnando e divertendo tanto con i nuovi video di aerobica, non vediamo l’ora di inserirli in produzione!

Vi lascio qui anche la guida di base per organizzare la vostra settimana di allenamento:

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Buona settimana!!

CrossFit Movements: The Handstand Push-Up

Handstand push-ups are undoubtedly one of the more complicated crossfire exercises to attain. If done properly, this can be one the best exercises you can do for an awesome shoulder and core workout.

Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

Everyone knows that hitting the gym is good for them. That being said there is more to it than that. It is no secret that weight training is going to improve your physical prowess, or that hitting the pavement for a daily jog is going to greatly improve your cardiovascular health. It does not stop there though…

Food As Fuel – A Requirement for Workouts

During an exercise session, your body burns calories which in turn release energy that helps to power different parts of the body. To ensure that your body has calories to burn and not store them, consume the right foods.

7 Fun And Healthy Benefits Of Regular Exercise

It doesn’t matter what age, gender or physical activity you have. You can sweat it out and enjoy the benefits of exercise. Exercise can basically improve your life. What are the benefits of exercise?

Basic Workout Plan

Basic Workout Plan – This is the first routine workout plan that I have personally created through gathering workouts from many other people and just through self experience and exploration. I recommend this plan to anybody from no to little workout experience. Even if you have a decent amount of experience it is still a workout plan that I go back to from time to time.

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