CARDIO HIIT! Esercizi Cardio Brucia Grassi (Allenamento Completo)



CARDIO HIIT! Esercizi Cardio Brucia Grassi (Allenamento Completo)

Super workout cardio ad alta intensità con esercizi veloci e recuperi attivi.

In questo workout lo stimolo muscolare è molto ridotto ma l’intensità degli esercizi è elevata.
Il cardio ad alta intensità ci permette di migliorare il consumo di grassi a riposo ed è molto dinamico, assicuratevi di fare gli esercizi con precisione.

Questa sessione è già un allenamento completo, ma si presta anche a combinazioni con esercizi mirati o total body.

The Gym: Fitness Habit Killer or Life Saver?

“Getting” to the gym takes as much or more time than your workout once you get there. Home workouts require the least amount of time. Too many mirrors and people looking into them could be a turn-off. But if you’re injured the gym can be an absolute must. The variety of equipment provides multiple options for working around an injury. You may find yourself saying “thank God for the gym and my physical therapist.”

Teaming Up For the Benefit of Your Workout

The time comes for you to get up from the couch and get that heart rate up. This task might be met with a sigh and a look of treachery. Motivation for your workouts can come in many forms. One form may be in a friend. Consider enrolling a buddy into your fitness routine.

A Different Resolve!

Yep, it’s here again, the start of a new year. The fireworks go off, kisses are given, and promises are made. Promises that begin with sincere conviction and declarations of “It will be different this year”, yet soon becomes overshadowed by the overwhelming demands of a busy life. Next comes despair that the goal is unattainable and finally the big ‘I Give Up!’ Well, how about we actually make this year different! What if we actually get all the way on board! How, you ask? Simple, by going about things in a whole different way.

How To Prevent Hand and Wrist Injures When Rock Climbing

I am a chiropractor and rock climbing is something I’ve always wanted to try. Unfortunately, living in Florida doesn’t give me many options other than an indoor gym. So I headed down to a local indoor climbing gym. As I began to don my climbing harness my heart began pounding and my hands began to sweat. Then the carabiner was clicked to my harness and the rope tightened. It was time to climb.

What Is High Intensity Training and What Makes It So Great?

High intensity training is one of the best ways for you to reach your goals because of its efficiency, cardiovascular benefits, and physical and mental challenge. High intensity cardio is great for burning calories quickly. With high intensity cardio, there is no question that you will be getting an intense exercise session in. During high intensity cardio, you will not have the time or energy to thumb through the latest gossip rag to find out which celebrity just got a nose job.

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