Doppio Circuito Cardio HIIT! Esercizi Brucia Grassi A Casa



Circuito Cardio HIIT con esercizi ad alta intensità alternati ad esercizi a bassa intensità.

Il workout è composto da 2 giri di circuito leggermente differenti.

Primo circuito con 20 secondi di esercizio ad alta intensità seguiti da 20 secondi di esercizi a bassa intensità e un piccolo recupero attivo.

Nel secondo giro aumentiamo la difficoltà del circuito con esercizi ad alta intensità e i 10 secondi di recupero attivo.

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How Can Exercise Make Your Life a Healthy and an Energetic One?

Exercise has become one of the most important parts of our lives as it lets us stay happy and makes us physically fit. It results in an overall mental satisfaction and lets us feel better about our appearance.

Can Exercising Stop the Effects of Constantly Sitting Down?

After many studies have shown, sitting down all the time can prove to be bad for your health. However, there are some instances in which individuals wonder if it is possible to reverse or slow down the negative effects if they would exercise routinely.

How Long Does It Take to Reach Peak Physical Fitness?

Before you can reach your peak physical fitness, you have to define what peak is for you; it won’t be the same for everyone. For you, it may be reaching a professional level in a sport, such as getting on the Olympic swim team, or finishing a marathon, or winning a powerlifting competition. Or it could be something as simple as losing weight and being able to exercise for an hour at a time without getting exhausted. What is your peak physical fitness goal? Once you have defined it, you have to be willing to devote the time, focus, sacrifice and commitment in order to achieve it. In many cases we are talking years of effort. How you train and how often, along with when, what and how much you eat, how much you sleep, and how often you socialize all impact on working toward your goal. Everything you do should be focused on working toward your goal.

Exercises and Workouts – Form Check Know-How for Bent Over Rows

One of the top strength training exercises for your upper body workout program that’s a must in just about every routine, is the bent over row. Whether you do this with a barbell or with a set of dumbbells, one thing is for certain and that is this exercise is going to build strength, add more definition to your back, and help to balance out any chest work you are doing. But, as you perform this exercise, it’s vital you learn how to do so correctly.

How To Transform Your Body With These Ab Exercises For Women

Many people believe that the sexiest part of a woman might be flat and sleek abs. To achieve those muscles without looking like Mr. Universe is really more simple than you might imagine. In the first place women don’t normally have enough testosterone in their body to develop large, bulky muscle. Instead, it is normal for them to develop lean muscle, improve strength and improve balance. So how should women begin a program to develop those flat and sexy abs? The first exercise that you shouldn’t include in your exercise program are crunches. In the first place, crunches only target one part of the abdominals, the large muscle that runs down the front of your body or rectus abdominus. In order to get a lean look from all views (and not just your front) you’ll be doing multiple different types of abdominal exercises.

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