Esercizi Di Riscaldamento Senza Salti Per Gambe e Glutei (7 Minuti)



Esercizi Di Riscaldamento Senza Salti Per Gambe e Glutei (7 Minuti)

Sessione di riscaldamento per la parte inferiore del corpo, questa versione è da 7 minuti, ottima da utilizzare prima di un workout impegnativo per gambe e glutei che non ha incluso il blocco di riscaldamento.

The Downsides of Cardio: Why Excessive Aerobic Exercise May Not Be Beneficial

There is no question that some amount of cardio exercise is beneficial for your health. However, as with all good things there are certain downsides. Did you know that too much cardio exercise can cause serious health problems? Before you start your regimen, you should consider the potential problems and work to minimize them.

Change Your Body From Flabby to Fit With Zero Cardio!

Old school methods of long, boring cardio have women feeling tired, weak, and flabby. Learn how I changed my body from fat to fit while putting on lean muscle and getting strong.

Balance Exercises For Injured Youth Athletes

Balance exercises are an essential component of rehabilitation for young athletes who want to return to their sport at an optimal performance level. Practicing stability routines can help to maximize sport competitiveness and reduce the risk of further injury.

Beyond the Gym

Helpful hints on how to get in your 30 minutes of activity. How to arrange your schedule to accommodate the kids and your aerobic needs.

Myths About Cardio and Aerobic Training

Amidst the infinite number of Internet sites, so-called fitness gurus, workout videos and everyday propaganda are myths about cardio and aerobic training which have flooded the personal exercise landscape. Many sites and doctor offices sell pills that claim to guarantee results while still other self-proclaimed fitness experts and celebrities alike suggest exercises that claim to burn off the pounds. Let’s take a closer look at the primary myths – and corresponding facts – that have been circling around regarding cardio exercises and aerobic fat-burning.

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