Esercizi Di Riscaldamento Total Body Senza Salti (7 Minuti)



Esercizi Di Riscaldamento Total Body Senza Salti (7 Minuti)

Sessione di riscaldamento total body, questa versione è da 7 minuti, ottima da utilizzare prima di un workout total body impegnativo che non ha incluso il blocco di riscaldamento.

Get Fit in 2014

Have you vouched to get fit in 2014? The most common New Year’s Resolution is to eat healthy, lose weight and get fit. That’s certainly a reasonable goal, being healthy and fit is important. But what’s the best way to be get fit in 2014? How do you hold yourself accountable and stick with a fitness regimen?

Fitness Mantra for Christmas

It is true that you need to follow a strict diet while leading your daily life, but when it comes to Christmas, things go haywire. You will be in the company of family members and friends and they will force you to eat more. You cannot say no to them.

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk Review

Do you know that you can work at the same time when you are walking on the treadmill? No, this is not just a phone talking. The work means you will work on your computer while you exercise.

Why Burpee Why?

Yes, I am back to argue for another exercise that has not really gotten a fair shake. Burpees are a form of punishment in the eyes of most people. In case you are not familiar with a burpee allow me to elaborate. A burpee is performed in four steps, from a standing position place your hands on the ground in a squat, then your feet jump out to a plank and immediately jump back to the squat and finishes with a jump back up to your feet. The rest is just repeating at a rapid pace. They are rarely a favored option, but this is not respecting what a burpee offers. Maybe I just spent too much time thinking about burpees while mentally preparing to do 500 over a lost bet, but I think there is a need for a better understanding. An understanding that maybe burpees are not some torture tool schemed up by trainers to punish clients. Rather that these burpees were created for a happier purpose with proven benefits. Burpees are the superhero exercise that gives any workout a major boost, in record time, with no extra equipment necessary!

Why Should I Workout With a Heart Rate Monitor?

A heart rate monitor enables you to get immediate feedback on how hard, how intense you are working during your workout. It allows you to ensure that you stay within your targeted heart rate zones to optimize the results from your workout.

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