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✅ Più di 700 Video Workout
✅ 47 Programmi Completi
✅ 8 Challenge 21 Giorni
✅ Registrazione Tempo e Kcal
✅ Misurazione Risultati Con Foto, Peso, Cm
✅ Stima Grasso Corporeo / Massa Muscolare
✅ Stima Fabbisogno calorico
✅ Menù Fitness Bilanciati
✅ Ricette con Macro e Kcal
✅ Registrazione Altri Sport

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Don’t Neglect Your Neck

Release tension, improve looks and energy. These simple neck toners will have you feeling better in no time.

Staying Motivated While Working Out

Exercise is an important aspect of weight loss. It isn’t always easy but when done right, is a very valuable asset in maintaining excellent health. Sometimes working out feels like a chore because the results that we like to see are not always tangible. Learn how you can remain motivated to exercise and see the benefits that exercise can bring.

Stomach Exercises. Which One Is Best?

A person might have a large stomach because he has an excessive amount of fat on his body or because his abdominal muscles are weak. The first problem is best solved by adopting a healthy natural diet. The second is best solved by means of stomach exercises. It turns out that, just as a natural diet is the best way to lose fat, the “natural” exercise for a person’s abdominals is the best way to strengthen them. This combination of a healthy diet and regular stomach exercise is the only way to obtain and maintain a flat toned stomach.

The Difference Between High-Intensity Cardio and Strength Training

High-intensity workouts have become the go-to way to exercise for so many people today. For those still unfamiliar with this form of exercise, they are short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by periods allowing the body to recover. It is key to understand that’s both phases are equally important. The topic we’ll bring up here is the difference between high-intensity cardio and high-intensity strength training, and what each brings to the table as far as your overall health and fitness.

Planning Out A Weekly Workout Schedule

Exercise is the best way to burn calories from your body so to really kick your weight loss efforts into gear, start planning out a weekly workout schedule. Try to identify blocks of time 30 minutes to 1 hour in length where you may potentially fit in a workout. If your afternoon/evenings are generally jam-packed, another possibility is to wake up an hour early in order to exercise before work. This may be an excellent way to not only get an hour-long workout in for the day, but exercising before work may also inspire you to eat healthy.

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