Tonificare e Snellire le Braccia con Pesetti e Cardio



20 minuti per tonificare la parte superiore con pesetti, snellire il corpo con cardio di facile esecuzione e migliorare la core stability.

Nella primo blocco ci concentriamo sulla tonificazione di braccia/spalle in piedi alternate ad esercizi cardio di facile esecuzione.
Nel secondo e terzo blocco passiamo a terra con esercizi mirati per petto e tricipiti, varianti crunch ed esercizi cardio.

Questa sessione è completa di riscaldamento e defaticamento/stretching.

#tonificazione #bracciatoniche

The Word Diet And It’s Misconception

What do you think of and feel when you read, see or hear the word, diet? You may immediately associate the term with weight loss, guilt and things to cut out and not eat. I see the words ‘die’, ‘tied’ and ‘tedious’ and feel a mixture of emotions that include mostly anger and frustration.

Are You Cross Training? If Not, Here’s Why You Should

Cross training effectively boosts motivation, helps prevent injuries and increases results. The benefits of cross training are many and do not stand alone. But let us put them into three main categories and examine each one.

A Healthy Way To Exercise Is Just Walk

This article tells all 50+ individuals that the best exercise is to walk. It is a program that the 50+ community should do for their fitness and combine it with any other programs that you desire. You should walk for a thirty minuet time period. This gives us an exercise program that provides a weight bearing motion which is great for your entire body.

Men’s Vitality: Regain and Maintain for a Lifetime

If the oil light signal lights up on the dash of your car would you ever ignore it or worse, cover it up with a black marker and keep driving? As ridiculous and ill-advised as that sounds, many of us men tend to deal with our health problems in similar ways. All too often we ignore the ‘oil light’ of chronic aches and pains, learning to live with it and/or simply covering them up with drugs like the black marker. Recurrent aches and pains are often the bodies warning light of an underlying chronic degenerative condition that needs to be addressed. As a result, too many men suffer needlessly from preventable health problems that adversely affect the quality and quantity of their health as they age, sapping their precious vitality prematurely. Research shows that women tend to live longer healthier lives because they are more likely to be proactive with their health and heed the warnings signs before they become major problems.

What Exercise Regime Should You Be Considering?

There is now no serious dispute between medical professionals, as to the relationship between a sedentary lifestyle and an increased risk of cardio-vascular problems arising. In fact, some authorities believe that the lack of exercise in a typical western lifestyle is a far bigger health risk overall than obesity alone.

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