Total Body Workout A Casa! Allenamento Total Body A Corpo Libero



Total Body Workout! Allenamento Total Body Ad Alta Intensità

Workout completo e intenso per allenare tutto il corpo con un ottimo stimolo muscolare e cardiovascolare.

Tutto il workout è svolto in piedi e la difficoltà sarà crescente durante tutta la sessione di allenamento.


1. Riscaldamento
2. 4x Mini Circuito Total Body
3. 1x Tonificazione Total Body In Interval Training
4. 1x Tonificazione Total Body In Interval Training
5. Defa & Stretch

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Help, I’m Injured, and I Can’t Workout!

In the midst of your workout, you feel it… a grind, a sharp pain, a pop… uh oh. After you realize you’ve incurred an injury, your first thought is “UGH… I will need surgery… , there go my workouts for the next 6-8 weeks.” That does not have to be the case! I can say this as I speak, first hand, from my own experience. My parents endowed me with bad knees as a trade off for a great personality. I incurred a complete ACL and partial meniscus tear in my right knee almost a decade ago and most recently suffered the exact injuries in my left knee. The cliché holds true, if I only knew then what I know now, I would have had a better recovery because I would have continued to exercise. A few modifications to your existing regimen is all you need to stay healthy and strong before, during, and after surgery.

Muscle Inflammation and DOMS After Training

What causes DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness? Why does it usually get worse the second day after you train? It was once thought that DOMS was caused by the buildup of lactic acid after a hard exercise session or when the trainee was unaccustomed to training and “overdid” it.

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Leg Workout Routine for Women

Daily workouts to tone your butt. You can choose either two per week or three, but it’s best to take a day off each one so your glute muscles can heal. This will give you maximum results.

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