Workout Total Body Per Dimagrire e Tonificare (HIIT + PESETTI + ABS)



Allenamento Completo Per Dimagrire e Tonificare (HIIT + PESETTI + ABS)

In questo workout lavoriamo tutto il corpo con stimoli diversi, le sessioni HIIT ad alta intensità, il lavoro mirato su braccia e spalle con i pesetti e le sessioni finali di addominali a terra per tonificare l’addome e migliorare la core stability.

E’ un ottimo allenamento per dimagrire, se già utilizziamo il livello avanzato, ma è altrettanto utile per chi ha come obiettivo principale la tonificazione, le sessioni HIIT aiuteranno il nostro metabolismo e gli esercizi presenti sono ad alto stimolo muscolare.

Push Up Equality For All!

In this modern age where we as women have fought to be viewed on an even plateau as men I just don’t understand why it’s still considered “okay ” for a girl to give in to the idea that she is not capable of performing at the same level as her male counterpart just because we are in a work-out scenario. If you have ever worked out in a group setting, or maybe you know from personal experience, the biggest obstacle that people face in adopting a fitness routine is the fear of all the things that they can’t do!

Fifty Years Working Out: 2 Mistakes I Wish I Had Not Made

Get your feet checked sooner rather than later. There may be an issue developing that can be avoided or corrected. Don’t go for years training with weights without getting your form checked. Even if you aren’t injuring yourself you may be overly developing a muscle or missing an opportunity for greater effectiveness. Moderation combined with consistency is a winning formula for a lifelong fitness habit. Proper eating is at least half of fitness but you still need to maintain your muscle mass.

Getting Back in Shape After The Winter Holidays

The winter holidays are probably the most beautiful time of year, but apart from the joy of Christmas and the excitement of New Year’s, they also mean an increased intake of fat foods and excess of sweets. While we all indulge ourselves with such a feast at the end of the year, it is important to get back on track as quickly as possible, as severe weight problems can appear.

Warming Up Your Body’s ‘Spheres’

Many of the aches and pains, as well as some injuries that we incur, can be prevented with some simple warm up exercises such as the following. Even doing these every other day can bring you tremendous relief!

7 Exercise Myths Debunked

As human beings, we tend to hear something that sounds plausible, and so we believe it. Or we hear something that actually sounds doubtful, but we hear it so many times that eventually we figure it must be true. And sometimes what we hear from friends (or people who are supposed to know what they’re talking about) we carry with us for a long, long time. Oftentimes believing false facts about our health doesn’t really hurt us, but usually it doesn’t help us either. Here are some exercise myths debunked – you may have heard one or two of them yourself:

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